Apr 16, 2024, 02:00 PM IST

8 Healthy Protein-Rich Snacks

Emily Horn

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1. Greek Yogurt 

High in protein and available in low-fat versions, Greek yogurt can be enhanced with nuts or berries for extra flavor and nutrients.

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2. Cottage Cheese 

This dairy product is not only high in protein but also versatile. Mix it with fruits or nuts, or spread it on whole grain toast.

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3. Almonds 

A handful of almonds provides a good amount of protein along with healthy fats and fiber. They're a great snack on their own or added to yogurt and salads. 

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4. Hard-Boiled Eggs 

Eggs are a compact source of protein and other essential nutrients. They're portable and can be eaten alone or sliced into salads.

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5. Edamame 

These young soybeans are high in protein and fiber. Lightly salted or tossed in olive oil, they make a satisfying and crunchy snack.

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6. Jerky 

Beef or turkey jerky is a protein-packed snack. Look for options with lower sodium and without added sugars.

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7. Peanut Butter 

Spread on apple slices or whole-grain crackers, peanut butter offers a good mix of protein, healthy fats, and is very filling.

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8. Hummus 

Made from chickpeas, hummus is rich in protein and fiber. It’s perfect for dipping vegetables or whole-grain pita.

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