Apr 19, 2024, 11:20 AM IST

Caitlin Clark is unclear whether she’ll leave for the WNBA after this season

Emily Horn

Caitlin Clark, who is the star guard of the Iowa Hawkeyes, is approaching her fourth season in a state of doubt about her future in the field. 

Despite her outstanding achievements being an All-American and the current National Player of the Year, Clark remains undecided about the possibility of entering the WNBA Draft after this season. 

Clark has the option of make use of an COVID year of eligibility, given during the pandemic in order to extend her collegiate career beyond a fifth. 

In Iowa's media event, Clark expressed her mindset regarding the decision that is about to be made by comparing it to her first college selection. "It's as if I'm in the process of recruiting again," she noted, stressing the importance of the present and not focusing on the future. 

"I'm actually in no way thinking about it all day, or letting it affect me. I'm focused on helping my team become the best they can possibly be." 

In the NCAA Tournament, Clark set the record for scoring 191 points while contributing 60 assists, proving her extraordinary ability. Her goals for Iowa surpass personal records. 

Clark is determined to win the national championship and is enjoying her college years which she believes to be one of the most memorable times of her life. 

"Time is so swift and being able take in every second I believe that's the way I'm interpreting it," she said, thinking about her experiences as well as the decisions to take.

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