Apr 18, 2024, 04:50 PM IST

Drake Responds to Rick Ross on Instagram: “On A Sliver Of Cheesecake”

Emily Horn

The tensions are still simmering among Drake as well as Rick Ross, as revealed via Drake's recent Instagram Stories. 

On April 16 Drake posted a string of messages that appeared to be a sign of a growing rift between Rick Ross and Drake. 

In One of Instagram's Stories Drake posted an explicit message to Ross and playedfully mocked him by telling him, "Look how I talk to this turkey. 

It's time to ask for a different option." The post was then a scathing critique of Ross and his depiction of his lavish lifestyle, specifically focusing on Ross his private jet and property. 

Drake also took a swipe at Ross's jet, suggesting that it was just the equivalent of a timeshare "And you wrap the wrap around the timeshare plane. This crap will come off when the others' turn to fly." 

Drake also claimed Ross of no longer expressing the entrepreneurial spirit that he famously sang about in his 2006 hit song "Hustlin'." Instead, Drake labeled him a "worker" for Brett Berrish the founder of Luc Belaire champagne, a brand that Ross often endorses. 

"You Brett Berrish [sic] worker. How many times must you change before you can get an actual check," Drake wrote. "You're Brett son now you not Rozay anymore." 

This exchange follows a string of jibes at music between the two artists, such as Drake's hit track "Push Ups" and Ross"'s reply "Champagne Moments." 

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