Apr 19, 2024, 12:00 PM IST

Dua Lipa Shows Her Girlhood with Matching Hair and Skirt

Emily Horn

Dua Lipa has been the center of attention thanks to her unique fashion sense, but this time matching her fiery red hair to her attire. 

Lipa took on her signature "sandwich method" for her most recent outfit, which is a method of placing an item from the top of the dress with the lower half. 

The pop star added a dash of edginess by wearing a black knit cardigan embellished with silver Chanel logo snap buttons that created an attractive cutout on the bodice. 

With a variety of gold rings, and sporting a radiant glowy makeup look, with a glossy red lip and nail polish that was matched, Lipa fully embraced her elegant style. 

The outfit was topped with a chic and black-colored trenchcoat, reminiscent of the film 'The Matrix'. 

She is known for her bold style selections, the pop star displayed her knack to match in a set of Instagram pictures she shared today. 

Lipa wrote in the caption of the post "disfrutando greatly " and expressed her delight of her travels. 

This trend-setting style isn't a new one for Lipa who has have matched her outfits to her hair's color at key events, including a crimson corset dress at The Variety Power of Women event and an intense purple sequin dress during the premiere of her film "Argylle". 

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