Apr 18, 2024, 12:00 PM IST

In 6 seconds, discover the desert snake with optical illusion IQ test. 

Emily Horn

Do you think you're an expert in optical illusions? Test your IQ test by taking on this easy task: locate the snake in a desert landscape within just six seconds!  

This test provides an entertaining, enjoyable break, but it also helps to sharpen your focus and improve your ability to solve problems. 

This photo sets you in an Wild West desert scene. A cowboy is reclining in the shade, while scorpions scurry across the scorching sand. 

The task may seem overwhelming initially because of the size and complex nature of the picture. This test is an excellent method to test your observational skills and your quick thinking.

Take a close glance at the picture. Concentrate and try to figure out the place where the snake could be hiding. Be aware that you only have six seconds!

Thanks to the sharp eyes that saw the snake on time. Your observational abilities are excellent! If you've had a hard time, don't worry. Every attempt is an opportunity for increasing your knowledge.

But the real challenge is in the background--a snake is hidden in the scenery and you've only six seconds to locate it. 

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