Apr 19, 2024, 02:10 PM IST

Shania Twain Discusses Taylor Swift’s ‘Exhausting Existence’

Emily Horn

Shania Twain, celebrated as the Queen of Country Pop, recently shared her admiration for Taylor Swift, acknowledging the challenging and intense character of Swift's work. 

In a conversation for Haute Living's cover story which was published on the 17th of April Twain was awed by Swift's dedication and passion to her art. 

"Taylor is leading a very exhausting life, but it's a testimony to her commitment and dedication, not only to her work or art but also to herself," said Twain, aged 58. 

Swift's passion is not only based on the desire to succeed but also in a deep enthusiasm for her music. 

Twain who has had majorly influential on Swift's career, commented on the dedication and determination Swift exhibits in pursuit of her goals. 

"She's an extremely dedicated worker with likely huge ambitions, but it's the drive that really motivates Swift," Twain added. Swift herself has often mentioned Twain as a major influencer.

In a blog post from 2008, Swift expressed awe and admiration after meeting Twain she described her as a key influence in her choice to pursue music, and praising her for being an incredibly successful and influential woman in country music. 

In a reflection on the relationship between them, Twain spoke on the Drew Barrymore Show in October 2023 that she felt an affinity with Swift. 

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