Apr 9, 2024, 02:30 PM IST

Top 8 Cars Over 300 hp

Emily Horn

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1. Ford Model T (1908-1927) 

The latest generation of this American sports car icon comes with a 6.2L V8 engine, delivering at least 495 horsepower. It's celebrated for its blend of performance, technology, and relatively accessible price point. 

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2. Ford Mustang GT 

A classic American muscle car, the Mustang GT features a 5.0L V8 engine that pumps out 450 horsepower. It combines traditional muscle car power with modern technology and design. 

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3. Dodge Charger Hellcat 

Known for its sheer power, the Charger Hellcat boasts a supercharged 6.2L HEMI V8 engine with an astonishing 707 horsepower, making it one of the most powerful production sedans. 

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4. BMW M3  

A legend in the sports sedan category, the latest BMW M3 is powered by a twin-turbo 3.0L inline-6 engine, producing 473 horsepower (503 in the Competition model). It's known for its precision handling and luxurious features. 

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5. Mercedes-AMG E 63 S  

This high-performance version of the E-Class sedan comes equipped with a twin-turbo 4.0L V8 engine, delivering 603 horsepower. It combines luxury with incredible speed and agility. 

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6. Porsche 911 Carrera S 

An iconic sports car, the 911 Carrera S is powered by a twin-turbo 3.0L flat-six engine, producing 443 horsepower. It's revered for its exceptional handling and performance. 

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7. Audi RS 6 Avant 

A high-performance wagon rare in its category, the RS 6 Avant features a twin-turbo 4.0L V8 engine, outputting 591 horsepower. It offers a unique blend of utility, luxury, and speed. 

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8. Tesla Model S Plaid 

On the electric frontier, the Model S Plaid is a marvel with over 1,020 horsepower from its tri-motor setup, achieving 0-60 mph in around 2 seconds. It represents the pinnacle of electric vehicle performance and technology.

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