Apr 5, 2024, 11:41 AM IST

Top 8 EV Bikes in the USA

Kelly Robinson

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1. Zero Motorcycles SR/F 

Zero Motorcycles is one of the most established electric motorcycle manufacturers. The SR/F is a high-performance electric bike with a top speed of 124 mph and a range of up to 161 miles in the city. 

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2. Harley-Davidson LiveWire 

Harley-Davidson's foray into electric motorcycles, the LiveWire offers a unique blend of Harley's iconic design with electric power. It boasts rapid acceleration and a range of around 146 miles in the city. 

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3. Cake Kalk OR 

Cake is known for its lightweight and minimalist electric off-road bikes. The Kalk OR is designed for off-road use, featuring a sleek and eco-friendly design suitable for trail riding. 

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4. Energica Ego 

Energica is an Italian manufacturer producing high-performance electric motorcycles. The Ego offers superbike-level performance with a top speed of 150 mph and a range of around 100 miles. 

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5. Lightning Strike 

Lightning Motorcycles is known for its high-performance electric bikes. The Strike is a more affordable option compared to its flagship model, the LS-218, offering impressive speed and range at a relatively lower price point. 

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6. Sur Ron Storm Bee  

Sur Ron is a Chinese electric motorcycle manufacturer gaining popularity in the USA. The Storm Bee is a lightweight electric dirt bike suitable for off-road adventures and urban commuting alike. 

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7. Damon Hypersport 

Damon Motorcycles focuses on high-tech features and safety innovations. The Hypersport is an electric sportbike with advanced rider aids and customizable riding modes. 

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8. Himiway Escape 

While not a traditional motorcycle, the Himiway Escape is an electric fat tire bike suitable for various terrains. It offers pedal-assist and throttle modes, making it a versatile option for commuting and recreational riding. 

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