Apr 9, 2024, 03:30 PM IST

Top 8 Luxury Cars Over $100000 

Emily Horn

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1. Rolls-Royce Ghost  

With its impeccable craftsmanship and serene ride quality, the Ghost embodies the essence of luxury. Every detail is meticulously designed for opulence and comfort, powered by a V12 engine. 

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2. Subaru WRX  

A blend of performance and luxury, the Continental GT offers a sumptuous and technologically advanced interior with a powerful W12 or V8 engine. It's as much a grand tourer as it is a piece of moving art. 

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3. Mercedes-Maybach S-Class  

The Maybach version of the S-Class takes luxury to the next level with even more space, comfort, and lavish features than the already luxurious S-Class. It's a benchmark for luxury sedans.

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4. Ferrari Roma 

A grand touring sports car that combines Ferrari’s legendary performance with a level of refinement and a more subdued design language that makes it an elegant yet thrilling ride. 

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5. Lamborghini Urus  

As a super sport utility vehicle, the Urus combines Lamborghini's high-performance DNA with the versatility and practicality of an SUV, offering luxury in an aggressively styled package. 

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6. Aston Martin DB11 

This grand tourer is known for its striking design, luxurious interior, and potent V12 engine, offering a balance between performance and comfort. 

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7. Porsche Taycan Turbo S  

Porsche's electric sports car offers incredible performance, cutting-edge technology, and luxury without the emissions. It’s a testament to Porsche’s engineering prowess in the electric vehicle (EV) space. 

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8. Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography  

The Range Rover Autobiography offers a blend of off-road capability and ultra-premium luxury features, with bespoke customization options and a refined driving experience. 

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