Apr 18, 2024, 01:20 PM IST

8 Foods to Avoid Eating Before Sleeping

Emily Horn

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1. Caffeinated Products 

Foods and beverages like coffee, tea, cola, and some chocolates contain caffeine, which is a stimulant and can keep you awake, disrupting your sleep patterns.

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2. Spicy Foods 

Eating spicy foods can lead to discomfort such as heartburn or indigestion, which might make it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep.

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3. High-Fat Foods 

Foods that are high in fat, like burgers, fries, or pizza, can be hard to digest and might keep your body working hard throughout the night, affecting your sleep quality.

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4. Heavy or Rich Foods  

Creamy or rich foods can cause indigestion that disrupts your sleep. They often contain high fat and possibly heavy spices.

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5. Large Meals 

Eating large quantities of any food before bed can overload your digestive system, causing discomfort and possible sleep disturbances.

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6. Alcohol 

While alcohol might initially make you feel sleepy, it can disrupt your sleep cycle later in the night, leading to a non-restful sleep.

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7. Sugary Foods and Drinks

Consuming a lot of sugar before bed can cause spikes in blood sugar levels, leading to energy bursts that interfere with your ability to fall asleep.

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8. Acidic Foods 

Foods that are high in acid, like tomatoes and citrus fruits, can cause acid reflux, which might lead to heartburn and discomfort during the night.

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