Apr 17, 2024, 05:10 AM IST

8 Fruits to Avoid Eating at Night

Emily Horn

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1. Oranges and Grapefruits 

These are highly acidic and can cause heartburn or acid reflux if consumed at night, especially if you lie down shortly after eating.

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2. Tomatoes  

Technically a fruit, tomatoes are also acidic and can lead to discomfort and acid reflux symptoms during the night.

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3. Cherries  

While cherries are often recommended for sleep due to their natural melatonin content, they are also high in natural sugars which could potentially spike your energy levels or blood sugar.

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4. Bananas  

Bananas are high in sugars and fiber, which can be heavy on the digestive system if eaten right before bed. However, they also contain magnesium and potassium which can be beneficial for relaxation.

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5. Pineapple  

This fruit is not only high in sugar but also contains bromelain, an enzyme that can cause mild stimulant effects, potentially keeping you awake.

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6. Mangoes  

Mangoes are very high in sugar, which can disrupt sleep by affecting your blood sugar levels during the night.

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7. Watermelon  

Although hydrating and low in calories, watermelon is rich in natural sugars that might keep you up if you consume it late in the evening.

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8. Apples  

Apples are a great source of fiber and natural sugar, but they can cause your stomach to work overtime to digest them during the night, potentially disrupting your sleep.

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