Apr 19, 2024, 03:30 PM IST

Joaquin Phoenix slammed for ‘poor’ performance in ‘Napoleon’

Emily Horn

Brian Cox, the outspoken actor in "Succession," recently critiqued Joaquin's performance in the film by Ridley Scott "Napoleon," which premiered in the year 2000. 

Famous for his honest and candid views, Cox did not hold from speaking out in the British Library in London and called Phoenix's performance "truly awful" and saying that Phoenix could've put on an even better performance. 

"Napoleon" is a controversial film since it was released in November, getting mixed reviews from the critics. 

While some people praised Phoenix's character of the character as "magnificent," others found it "oddly uncharismatic." 

In addition to the acting, the film was also criticised for its accuracy in historical context, with French historians being particularly vocal about the film's deviations from historical facts in describing the film "like throwing a spit in the face of French people." 

Director Ridley Scott's dismissive reaction to the criticisms--"get a life"--has just fueled more controversy. 

Cox who is more in line than the critics, dismissed the film's dramatic ambiguities as "lies" in an interview. He also took advantage of the occasion to critique the film of Mel Gibson "Braveheart" because of similar reasons. 

Cox's harsh critique of Phoenix's performance has triggered a variety of reactions from fans, many who wonder if Cox's harsh criticism is inspired by his character of the impressive Logan Roy on "Succession." 

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